The Dreamcatchers Podcast with Greg Washington and Jerome Myers

Greg Washington joins Jerome Myers on the Dreamcatchers Podcast to update us on his Iron Sharpens Iron Project. We learn how the DreamCatchers team has helped him work through the process of beginning to build his dream. He also shares why he has become a champion for the causes and inspires us to make the most of the time we have on this planet.

This episode is great for anyone who is considering making an aggressive step towards their dreams but needs a little nudge to get going. We tell the stories of ordinary people doing ordinary things in an effort to inspire others to live their best lives.

Dreamcatchers is an inclusive organization that targets people’s interest in being more instead of a certain demographic. We have people from all walks of life at many different ages. The folks in the tribe earn their living in professions such as: teachers, engineers, real estate investors, barbers, mortgage brokers, business owners, etc.

Living a Life of Significance with Greg Washington

How can I achieve my dreams? I bet that ranks among the top five most questions asked in the entrepreneurial space.

The truth is many people are stocked with talents, capacity, and ambition. However, they struggle with execution. This can be the result of many factors.

Such lethargy could be due to a scarcity of determination to achieve, lack of resources, or direction. This is the sole aim of the Dream Chaser.

Here is a dedicated platform tirelessly committed to helping you achieve your goals – transporting those beautiful dreams from the realm of fantasy to reality.

This is achieved by strategic mentorship, heartfelt coaching, and, more importantly, furnishing you with state-of-the-art systems and resources need to hatch those dreams to life.

Across the years, the DreamCatchers’ portfolio has been aggressively swelling with colorful success stories. One of them was the remarkable transformation of Greg Washington from a disillusioned top executive to a fulfilled founder – living a life of significance, maximizing his gleaming his potential.

Curious to know Greg’s journey with the DreamCatchers to fulfillment?

How it all began

Guards Down

After graduating from West Point, Greg served actively in the US Army, partaking in operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Entering West Point at the age of 17, Greg’s life was entirely built around the military. It was unsurprising that he had set his ambitions to one day to become a decorated US General. Well, life happens – and somehow, fate gave Greg lemons instead of lemonade. Greg got injured and had to leave the military. Upon that, Greg lost two of his closest buddies in West Point to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Transitioning back to civilian life was no less exhausting than trying to swim across the whole Atlantic. Memories of his military life, lost dreams, and fallen comrades haunted him. Therefore, despite earning a hefty 6-figure salary in his jobs (after leaving the military), Greg felt a biting vacuum in his heart that no amount of money he earned could fill.

Feeling empty, Greg reached out to Jerome from the DreamCatchers team to help him reconnect with his true passions and bring them to life. Greg has a longstanding relationship with Jerome Myers – a bond that dates back to the old days of high school.

The Journey with DreamCatchers

Reaching out to Jerome turns out to be one of the most impactful decisions Greg has made. DreamCatchers helped him mentally unload and process his fears. Finally, he was able to face his troubles.

Consequently, Greg was able to refine a burning passion from those fears, which he rightly channeled into executing what really mattered to him: serving his country via helping veterans find peace and joy again.

Jerome and the team at DreamCatchers were able to furnish Greg with that strategic mentorship he needed. More importantly, Jerome took the position of an accountability partner, helping Greg set milestones and equally hold him responsible for fulfilling them. This was how Guards Down was born. Six months down the line, Greg is living a life of significance and helping the community that profoundly matters to him and splashing sustainable ear-to-ear smiles on the face of veterans.

Guards Down is a devoted platform for helping veterans heal from the trauma, physical and emotional scars of their military lives.

Suffering in silence won’t help you overcome your trauma. Reach out to Guards Down, and figure out how you can return to happiness and overcome whatever you’re going through. Our mission is simple: Do Something!

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