West Point Alum Launches 1,800 Mile “Walk to Honor” Looking for Community Support to Curb the Alarming Veteran Suicide Rate

New Orleans, LA – Veteran-led non-profit House of Man supported by the founder and his brand, Greg C Washington, are excited to announce the pre-launch of “A Walk to Honor.” Founder Greg C Washington will be trekking the entire walk, which spans 11 states and covers nearly 1,800 miles. The walk will serve as a call to action for veterans to join Greg on their own journey to heal, as well as initiate fundraising for supporting those affected by the loss of our fallen heroes. You can support this walk right now by visiting Walk to Honor.

Greg, a West Point graduate and Army Veteran, lost two of his best friends in combat. After transitioning out of the military, he found himself dealing with PTSD, chronic pain and grief. The feelings of shame and guilt that accompanied his survivor’s remorse of not being able to save them, caused him to spiral into depression and face suicide. Greg realized that if he was dealing with these heavy thoughts then his fellow service members were as well. Unfortunately, Veterans make up 14% of all deaths by suicide, despite making up 8% of the US population. Armed with these statistics and Greg’s own recognition that he was not suffering in silence alone, he challenged himself with wanting to make a difference in their honor. 

As Greg embarked on his journey to healing, the conception of the walk took place. He planned a walk that begins in Mississippi, spans multiple culturally relevant stops, proceeds to the 9/11 Memorial, and ends at the United States Military Academy, where they all attended. Along the way, Greg will stop in various cities and communities to speak about the seriousness of the suicide rates, the danger of mental health stigmas and the support for those suffering in silence. He is calling on champions of mental health to join him on his journey. The walk’s starting point is in Mound Bayou, MS, which holds significance for Greg, as it is his family’s hometown where he regularly goes to unplug and draw strength. Greg believes there is a process to healing that stems from grit, gratitude, and greatness. His hope is to help others internalize that strength to bring greater awareness and recognition to the suicide rates in America. 

The “Walk to Honor” team is calling on individuals, businesses, and various community organizations to help achieve their financial goals through crowdfunding, donations, and sponsorship. One of the walk’s primary objectives is to encourage local communities to join Greg in support and solidarity by starting their journey to heal alongside him, in person or in spirit. The official kickoff date for House of Man’s launch of “A Walk to Honor” fundraising and awareness rally in Mound Bayou is April 29, 2021. Attendees will have a chance to come together and support Greg as he embarks on the first few miles of this journey. 

Sign up now to be a walk supporter, make a donation or submit a corporate sponsorship by visiting Walk To Honor. Supporters can follow the walk in real-time, receive text updates at each location, and join our social media community by registering on the website. 

“Suicide is real. People are suffering in silence. Throughout this walk, if we can make enough noise, I strongly believe we can curb the suicide rate, one day at a time.”     – Greg C. Washington 

“Walk to Honor” is a call to action for veterans to join us on their journey to heal, as well as initiate fundraising for supporting those affected by the loss of our fallen heroes. The vision is to break the stigmas around mental health that keep people suffering in silence. With the initiation of a program like this, we hope to end suicide one life at a time.